Massey ferguson 3525 problems

Massey ferguson 3525 problems

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Bleeding fuel lines on massey ferguson 3525

Due to supply chain disruptions associated with the Coronavirus pandemic, some orders may experience extended shipping times. Please call customer service for more details. If you got it for less, you found a great deal! TractorJoe has plenty of Massey Ferguson parts to keep it running.

Be sure to look for any serial number comments in the part fit notes. In some cases, the Massey Ferguson Tractor parts you need depend on your serial number. You can find the serial number on the instrument panel on right. Serial numbers include K from models, T fromL fromU fromV from They also have differential hydraulic wet disc brakes. The type II 3-point hitch is very reliable. Parts for Massey Ferguson Tractor. Compressor Clutch Bearing Condenser M1.

Switch Thermostatic, rotary 48" M1. Expansion Valve Expansion Valve M1. Receiver Drier Receiver Drier M2. Engine Related Parts Thermostat degrees M1.

massey ferguson 3525 problems

Perkins Bearing, Pilot:. Gasket, Exhaust Steel M1. Gasket, Head Cover M1. Pak. Fuel Transfer Pump HMForum Rules. Home Forums Reviews Articles Store. Homepage Today's Posts Search. Forgot your Password?

Sign Up. Remember Me? Results 1 to 6 of 6. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Lets say just use the high low and 3 speeds.

Massey Ferguson 3525 reviews, opinions

Is the Multi Power option something that is always engaged on these tractors? I have been reading the forums and I see where some people say to stay away from the Multi Power option. I have read when in low the tractor will free wheel.

Sorry I am a bit confused. I am looking at tractors and currently have a tired 8n. I would like to have more horsepower and doing some research. Thanks Tim O. Re: MF Multi Power information please.

massey ferguson 3525 problems

Originally Posted by Tim O. Hi, I am new to the forums here and have a question. Lets say just use the high low Stick? I can't figure out why unless it was a problem on the older stuff, we have never had a MP problem on any of our 4 series tractors. This is true. It is when the MP is in low, it doesn't matter what the position the "short stick" is in. Once you get used to using the MP you'll be wondering why anyone told you to stay away from them. One other thing with a muti-power is say your going up hill you have the MP engaged you push in your clutch the tractor stops,It won't roll backwards the as long as it's in gear and the MP is engaged,same as going uphill backwards.

The other thing is that if your stopped and the MP is engaged and holding the tractor from rolling either forward or backwards you won't beable to shift the trans unless you disengage the MP. It's not complicated once you use it you'll figure it out really quickly.

A great feature for the time. When you run into a situation where there was a need for a slightly lower gear, that is when you shift the MP in to low range.Transmission: Power Shuttle. Transmission: Sync Shuttle. Add this make and model to Equipment Hunter to receive notifications when new or similar equipment is posted. This feature requires a Fastline Account. It is really easy to sign up!

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massey ferguson 3525 problems

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Massey Ferguson 3525 reviews, opinions

Apply Filter Save Search. View Details. View Dealer Page. Additional Info: New: Used, Auto Guidance: yes, autoguidanceready: yes, ballast: no, Cab Air: yes, Cab Heat: yes, conditioner: yes, conditionertype: Steel, cutterbarprotection: yes, cutterbartiltadjust: yes, cutterbartiltadjusttype: Hydraulic, cutterbartype: Rotary Disc. White's Farm Supply Whites Farm Supply Additional Info: Hours: 1, Horse Power: Includes block, crankshaft, connecting rods, sleeves, and pistons fully assembled. No core charge.

Part : R Part A Massey-Ferguson Contact for Price. Block Massey-Ferguson 25 Contact for Price. Massey-Ferguson 30 Contact for Price.

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Apr 8, 1. I recently bought a Massey ferguson multipower, but the multipower is stuck in low. My question is, does this cause any problems if I use the tractor just in low,beside that I don't have enginebrake? Last edited by a moderator: Apr 8, Apr 8, 2. Apr 9, 3. Apr 9, 4. I have some wire coming out of the gearbox Apr 10, 5. Seem to recall had something to do with trans not being lubed while in low range. MickeyApr 10, Apr 11, 6. I read somewhere that if the engine is not heated up enough the multipower is not working.

Apr 12, 7. Mickey is correct if the tractor is used in low multipower for extended periods the front bearing on the multipower input housing does not get lubricated and after a period will require replacement.

Check ALL of the linkage joints and make sure there is no wear ,any wear in the linkage will reduce the effective operating travel and consequently the multipower linkage will not travel enough to engage high multipower.

massey ferguson 168 multipower not working,someone help

Have a look at this and let us know how you go. Happy days Hutch. Apr 13, 8. Apr 13, 9. Hi Lorand This is the response lever use it to safely control the rate of lowering of three point hitch equipment,say you have a disc plow which is fairly heavy ,if you move the lever to SLOW the implement will drop very safely and slowly,the more you move the lever to FAST the quicker the implement will lower.

Incidentally the bolt with the long thread ,the one in the picture next to the red wire is the foot brake adjustment if the brake pedals hit the footplate when you push the brake pedals down First unlock the latch that connects the two pedals together Then tighten the nuts MAXIMUM TWO FULL TURNS at a time till the pedal travels down and stops about one inch from the foot plate ,do this to the other side and when you get them both about the same lock the both pedals together and try the brakes ,drive in second gear say three miles per hour and gently apply the brakes when they are adjusted properly the both should lock at the same time Make sure the handbrake is in the OFF position before adjusting.

Just a word of caution do not overtighten the brakes or you will smell something burning the brake pedals by design are meant to have plenty of clearance. Happy Days Hutch. Last edited: Apr 13, Apr 14, We are often asked how the multi power system on models such as the Massey Ferguson 65,etc. What really seems to intrigue people is that the engine braking system works when in high multi-power, but there is no engine braking when in low multi-power……….

With the multi-power system there is one hydraulic clutch pack and also a ratchet type assembly. When in low multi the hydraulic clutch is dissengaged and the drive goes through a pair of gears into a ratchet clutch which takes the drive to the gearbox.

There is no engine breaking in low multi because of the ratchet clutch. When you move the transmission to high multi it locks up the hydraulic clutch and the hydraulic clutch gear drives another gear. Because the drive is now turning faster than through the low-multi ratchet clutch, this now becomes a free-wheeling device. It is for this reason that there is engine braking in high multi power, but no engine braking in low multi power.

This is also why if you are in high multi going up a hill and you depress the clutch pedal that whilst in gear no roll-back can occur because of the ratchet clutch.

massey ferguson 3525 problems

The hydraulic multi-power clutch is not torque converter, but is merely a multi-plate hydraulically operated clutch pack. The good thing about this is that there is no loss of power through to the gearbox.

The clutch is a conventional clutch and so is the 3 speed gearbox. Steve, You seem to be a great source of info on the multi power. Works fine in low. My question: Before I have the tractor worked on, is it possible there is a filter stopped up or something that could cause the high multi not to work properly? I read in one of your comments that the gears would be hard to change in high.

I have experienced that too while subsoiling. It stuck at the end of every row unless I was quick to get it out of gear before I completely stopped. Thanks, Randy.

Massey Ferguson 3525

Hey steve. I have a MF 35 mod that I have fixed. It is the original multi-power, after thorough cleaning and new oil will not multi power work. What may be the cause of this? I live in Serbia, Yugoslavia. Thanks in advance. Previous Next. Click here to see what we've got! Get access to our tractor maintenance series Get the best tutorials, tips and news, designed to enhance your skills. Perfect to keep your tractor running smoothly. We publish about one article a week. Unsubscribe at any time. About the Author: Vintage Tractor Engineer.

Mf 35 serial number - Tractor Forum October 9, at am. Vintage Tractor Engineer August 11, at pm. Marinus August 8, at pm. Is it possible to tow a tractor with multi power?

I heard that it would not be possible.Forum Rules. Home Forums Reviews Articles Store. Homepage Today's Posts Search. Forgot your Password? Sign Up. Remember Me? Results 1 to 7 of 7. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. It has a cab and is in really good overall condition. Minimal rust, paint is decent, starts easily with barely a puff a black smoke no white or blue smoke whatsoever.

It has hrs on it, and runs great. The owner told me the 3pt arms don't move. This tractor has the electronically controlled hydraulics for the 3pt hitch, does anyone know what may be the issue? I'm thinking it's likely just an electrical problem, anyone have experience with these or similar models? What would a fair price be?

Re: MF Would that be 10K with the non-moving 3-pt hitch arms? Re: MF Probably electrical and not change the value that muchGeneral price for that tractor. Re: MF Originally Posted by D7E. Probably electrical and not change the value that muchGeneral price for that tractor. Re: MF Don't be scared of black smoke Replies: 0 Last Post:PM.

Looks like I'm getting a !Writing review of the Massey Ferguson tractor write another of its pros and cons. Write your review on the purchase price of the Massey Ferguson tractor and the costs associated with its use, and servicing.

Be as it uses during the harvest and typical field work. Write about your own experiences with the use or the experience of friends. Agricultural directory AGRIster is the base of knowledge, information, and products used or have been used in the agricultural industry. Information published in this catalog specifications and parameters of agricultural machinery i.

The data come from publicly available sources, from users, manufacturers and distributors and dealers. We make every effort to ensure that the data published in the directory is correct and up to date, but no guarantee. The data are published as they are without any guarantee its accuracy and are not responsible for its use. The data and specs presented are for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer. Home Tractors Combines Compare. Massey Ferguson reviews, opinions Massey Ferguson diesel, engine capacity 5.

We introduced AGROrank - we took into account more than 60 factors and have issued an assessment of each tractor. We've added to the descriptive assessment, counted and assigned to each tractor AGROrankthus creating a ranking! Costs 3, Specifications 4, Our opinion about Massey Ferguson diesel, really big and powerful engine, performs well if we compare costs and capabilities, more cylinders is an asset, perfectly matched the rated speed, turbo engine, 12V typical starter, large battery 24V, lighting rather typical, PTO plus, brake without power, disk, wet, heavy tractor, definitely on a large farm, large and long, wide stance, traditional 2 wheel drive, hydrostatic control, lack of synchronization gears, power shift, advanced transmission, two clutches, electro hydraulic, changing load, a lot of gear to the front of, a lot of gear back AGRIster.

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